Minecraft Random Item Challenge VS 2 Hunters

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Minecraft Random Item Challenge VS 2 Hunters... This was absolutely insane.
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We haven't decided on a name for this, but if this video gets 2 million likes we will consider doing a rematch! This video is a different rendition of our normal challenges, where there are two hunters trying to kill me while we have random items.

We can break blocks, but they don't drop items. There is a 1000x1000 border. Every two minutes we each get a completely random item. We can't pick up each others items.

This is a new Minecraft but, 1.16 challenge that we have decided to try. I try to survive, while my friend George AND my friend Sapnap tries to prevent me from doing it. It's a battle, and it's super intense and we had a lot of laughs. I love doing these challenges.

Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin


  1. tsukasa abaa
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    Bruh... I waited for so long for this🙄

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    Thats the fakest video so far.

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    Dream u deserve to be in dream smp prison

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    If Dream uploaded a video, that means he wasn’t breaking the obsidian…

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    this is what we know about dream (Intelligence beats courage)

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    Dream im br and you is proplayer im sub

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    The amount of bots and self advertising in the comment section and especially the replies is concerning.

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    27:00 Konan preparing to fight Obito be like.

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    i have been waiting for a new video

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    Хоть меня никто не понимаєт, ето круто

  13. Hope
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    Thats the fakest video so far.

  14. Djevino Driesens
    Djevino Driesens
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    dream and gogy just got new mics

  15. sabeeh haider
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    Putting a whole new meaning to "Dream Luck"

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    17:50 OOOWWWAHH

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    If you don't like this dream will be mad>:(

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    Me:try’s to think how much dreams iq is Me:can’t even write how many zeroes there are

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    Yup 1 on trending let’s go.

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    In this video dream is literally Poseidon

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    oh my god he's back the dream we seriously think about the guy who plays a lot bro no one is better than him, the guy and the king of minecraft

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    George very cool !!

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    Dream PRO good

  26. Trex
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    That tnt blast was in perfect timing : D

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    17:28 WHaT THe MuFfIn

  28. Midnight Sky
    Midnight Sky
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    D: "Oh GEORGEEEEE!!!!" S: "It's me! OH SAPNAPPP!"

  29. Help me Reach 10K with Videos pls
    Help me Reach 10K with Videos pls
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    No one: Everyone: talking about how Sapnap is flirting with George

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    Dream is underrated

  31. Help me Reach 10K with Videos pls
    Help me Reach 10K with Videos pls
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    Sapnap: chases dream Dream: OH GEORGE Sapnap: "am i a joke to you?"

  32. Cob Denila
    Cob Denila
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    Hey wat

  33. Daneil Winchester
    Daneil Winchester
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    did u know that dream is actualy danny gamealez

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    I missed the premiere but this was SO worth the wait

  35. Cob Denila
    Cob Denila
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    Hey wat

  36. Limão Doce
    Limão Doce
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    Finale minutes: George: Dream you gona die George literatly dies seconds later

  37. Help me Reach 10K with Videos pls
    Help me Reach 10K with Videos pls
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    Alternative Title: "Dream spends the whole video trying to find his trident"

  38. Help me Reach 10K with Videos pls
    Help me Reach 10K with Videos pls
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    George: "dream is so bad he's going to die George 2 seconds later: dies

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    12:28 whaaat? hahahaha

  40. Help me Reach 10K with Videos pls
    Help me Reach 10K with Videos pls
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    Dream: "The luckiest thing I got was probably the trident" But we all know that the real legend was the Trapdoor...

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    17 hours ago YES IM EARLY (well, kinda early

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    That's what the mask is... That's what the point of da mask is😔

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    Im shocked at how smart you are to use the glitch with the trapdoor to escape, you have blown my mind once again.

  44. Anaconda
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    Alternative title: Green guy throws forks at his friends for 30 minutes then blows himself when got tired.

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    How is this 1st in trending

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    I cant belive Dream survived Georgenotfound and Sapnap for that long!?!?

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    Trapdoor op

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    i am relly sorry Dream i am late cuz when you make this it was night in my country😭

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    Hi dream

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    This was so amazingly good!

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    You are god

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    Dream join third life

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    you can alwayS ChAnGe YoUr MiNd 0:31

  56. 3zz
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    Imagine not saying "In Minecraft" in the beginning of the video... Edit: in Minecraft

  57. agito
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    I don't know who is hunter we know sapnap and geord hunting dream but it's look like dream hunt sapnap and geord. Haha

  58. Evelyn Badie
    Evelyn Badie
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    Dream I know your name if u want to see look but pls see this comment your real name is Clay? But I don't know why your parents named u clay or a different name? Say yes or no

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    George and sapnap : We Have Everything Diamond Netherite Elytra Dream : I have Turtle Helmet George and sapnap : AHHHHH

  60. Himura Coronel
    Himura Coronel
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    :) I am happy

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    Ngl kinda thought you where all dead glad your not 😅😅

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    I like coconuts

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    You haven’t posted for so long I miss you

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    "real" speedrunner: this video me and my "4 friends" is trying to hunt me down but 2 of my "friends" is a impostor

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    Wow new video

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    Wins with server lag

  68. Annoyed Potato
    Annoyed Potato
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    Wait at 15:42 when dream through the trident did Sapnap say “sapnap” out of fear or was that George

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  70. SniffyOwl
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    Trident are meelee and ranged weapons and meelee is better than Diamond sword

  71. Khan Roan
    Khan Roan
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    Why did I think Quackity was here, In the start it sounded like Quackity was here..

  72. Phez Fishy
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    Dream has 500 iq

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    🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️العشرة الطويلة والمواقف اللى بتحصل على مدار فترة زمنيه طويله بتبين حقيقة كل انسان بتبين اصله وبتبين معدنه فى ناس مع الوقت بيدخلو قلبك وبتعرف اد ايه هما جمال من جواهم وبتتمنى انك كنت تقابلهم من زمان وفى ناس بينزلو من نظرك خااالص وحجمهم بيقل لدرجة انهم ممكن يبقو معدين ادامك وماتبقاش شايفهم اصلا

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    Hey dream, i hope you're doing alright. Whenever how many haters those are, we are still here supporting you, take a break when u need it, wly

  75. Raphael Tiña
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    Dream your manhunt give me anxiety

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    *Wow I thought dream would always do vanilla manhunt*

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    Dream upload the your tiktok PLSSS???

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    The villagers must be very confused 😂

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    Spider-Punk Gamer
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    Aqua Man Vs Vulture 😂🤣

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    17:53 I was like 🤯🤯🤯

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    This video in a nutshell: Dream being the hunter for 30 minutes straight Dream spamming tridents at his friends Dream clutching infinitely

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      My friend's Parents Said if He Can Get to 1k Before This Month He Will Get ps5 My Friend Channnell Is in my playlistttt,,,,,,,,,

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    Dream dont

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    It’s only a day old it has 6.6milion views and 800k likes

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    i love you

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    21:33 top 10 anime battle screams

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    God dream I hope i could be like dream Awesome video Love from Spain

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    My 500 pound life

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    I'm waiting for "Speedruner vs 5 hunters Rematch"

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    Dream made me click this

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    When george says **what** is just so satisfying

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      My friend's Parents Said if He Can Get to 1k Before This Month He Will Get ps5 My Friend Channnell Is in my playlistttt,,,,,,,,,

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      My friend's Parents Said if He Can Get to 1k Before This Month He Will Get ps5 My Friend Channnell Is in my playlistttt,,,,,,,,,

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    Nice dream,your getting better and better like:doing insane clutchsand traps like tnt one

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    29:42 l'manburg all over again

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    I heard that Lovejoy reference lol

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